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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Meghan N. Corella Morales - Education

Meghan Corella Morales is a PhD candidate in the Department of Education. She received her Bachelor’s degree in 2007 from Occidental College in Spanish Literary and Cultural Studies and her MA in Education in 2013. She has been a Teaching Assistant for three classes numerous times: Culture, Development, & Education; Research on Teaching & Learning in Sociocultural Contexts; and Introduction to the University Experience.

A faculty member with whom she has worked as a TA comments, “Her performance… has been outstanding. She is the best TA I have had in my nearly 30 years of service as a faculty member at UCSB.” Furthermore, “Meghan is committed to advancing educational equity and sees the importance of connecting regular university instructional time and student advising time with grounded experiences in the local community and schools.” And another of her faculty references comments that she “has demonstrated excellent professional qualities that indicate she will continue to succeed as an educational practitioner and scholar,” and she “consistently approached her work with creativity, enthusiasm, and efficiency.”

Regarding her teaching style, Ms. Morales states, “I am always both a student and a leader in my role as TA. This realization alone is powerful because it directly opposes the still widespread transmission model of education, a model that does little to change social inequities since it tends to disempower students, positioning them as empty vessels into which the teacher is to deposit knowledge.” One of her students attests to the effectiveness of this approach: “Meghan’s interactive teaching style creates a learning environment where typical authoritative teacher roles are broken and everyone’s experiences and ideas are acknowledged.”

Finally, another of her faculty references asserts, “I see her to be one of the most deserving TAs that I have had the privilege of working with… She has exceeded my expectations in every aspect from her clear communication skills, her motivation and dedication to her work to her sincerity and thoughtfulness in her interactions with others.”

For her hard work and dedication to excellence in teaching, Meghan Corella Morales is awarded an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Congratulations!