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2013-14 Distinguished Teaching Award

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa - History

Professor Tsuyoshi “Toshi” Hasegawa is faculty in the Department of History, where he has taught since 1990. He is also an affiliate faculty of East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies. Recognizing his excellence in teaching undergraduates and graduate students alike, his chair notes that while many faculty devote their energy to graduate or undergraduate teaching, “Toshi is among a handful who truly excel in both worlds.”

Professor Hasegawa’s students praise him for the way he challenges and demands much of them. One graduate student writes, “As a lecturer, he frames historical questions in exciting and nuanced ways. But he demands that his students deploy evidence to challenge the tentative answers he provides. Indeed, he demands they challenge the questions themselves. No student can emerge from his courses without having become a more effective thinker and writer.”

A former undergraduate student states, “No other professor I had at UCSB taught their subject with as much enthusiasm, diligence, and care … His commitment to making his students appreciate history and write in a skillful manner and the great deal of individual attention he pays to his students make him an outstanding professor... I cannot imagine anyone is more deserving of [the Distinguished Teaching Award] than him.”

There is widespread consensus on this point -- as one graduate student put it: “No one is more deserving of UC Santa Barbara’s Distinguished Teaching Award than Professor Tsuyoshi Hasegawa. Dynamic and demanding in the classroom, he combines passion, intellectual rigor, and a determination to see his students succeed. As a mentor he exhibits the same qualities, offering incisive critiques, searching questions, and encouraging commentary. He is for his students and for the university nothing less than a treasure.”

For his hard work and dedication to teaching Toshi Hasegawa is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations!