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Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Ashlee K. Kalauli - Mathematics

A doctoral student in the Mathematics department, Ashlee Kalauli has proven time and again that she is an educator of the highest caliber. Noted as possessing “a natural talent for teaching and mentoring students,” Ashlee is described as “remarkable in every academic standard” and a “role model” by her recommenders and evaluations. One writes, “the students rave about her enthusiasm, her availability, her friendly and engaging personality, and her willingness to answer questions.” Not only is Ashlee able to explain mathematical concepts clearly, effectively, and with great ingenuity, but she possesses the unique capability of sparking the same passion for the subject and love of learning in her students that she herself holds. Ashlee’s seriousness of purpose as both an academic and educator is apparent in her teaching philosophy; her respect for her students and her craft allows the lessons learned to transcend the normal boundaries of the classroom. She writes, “Teaching mathematics is like telling a story... the first day of class or section is the most important as it sets the scene for what can evolve into a storyline with an awakening sense of depth and beauty...Students need to know that there’s something worth seeing in the future and our job, as learners, is to construct a path forward using the tools that we’ve acquired along the way.” Clearly, Ashlee is an exemplary educator and we are delighted to present her with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.