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Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Anita Stahl - Feminist Studies

Highly praised by both faculty and her students for her brilliance, creativity, and care, one faculty member noted that in addition to her innovation and compassion in her own classroom, Anita is the graduate student to whom other graduate students go for pedagogical advice, and another praises her ability to allow her research and her teaching to inform each other. A student of Anita's vocalizes her gratitude for creating a "space in which students feel valued and comfortable to communicate" not only with her, but with each other, and praises Anita for introducing her to "concepts [she] did not previously know existed" and for helping the whole class navigate the vital intersections of "race, class, gender, and sexuality." Another student highlight's Anita's innovations with assignments, encouraging students to express themselves visually as well as verbally; truly, this students, says, Anita is the reason she is a Feminist Studies major. We commend Anita with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.