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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Sara Poot-Herrera - Spanish & Portuguese

Professor Sara Poot-Herrera has served on the faculty of the Department of Spanish & Portuguese since 1988. In her 25+ years at UCSB, she has directed or supervised 24 PhD dissertations, and served on another 10 doctoral committees. She has also served on 49 Masters thesis committees and directed 50 honors theses. Additionally, she has an impressive publication record both as a writer and as a researcher with over 125 entries, including several books, and she is one of the most prominent figures in Mexican literature today.

According to a colleague of hers, “Sara completely involves and integrates her students in her own work, treats them as professionals in the field, spends countless hours with them (her office is always open with one or several students inside talking to her), and, last but not least, makes them part of the international academic connections in which she is involved, especially in Mexico. There is simply no other professor in the department who has been more successful with graduate students… both at a professional and human level…”

One of her former students, who is currently a professor of Spanish, describes Professor Poot-Herrera as “the single most influential figure in helping me navigate the course of my academic career.”

And another of her supporters offers the following glowing appraisal: “Dr. Sara Poot-Herrera is a true example of an outstanding scholar, admirable professor and an invaluable academic mentor. Her determination to promote her students’ academic and professional success is undeniable, her patience, kindness and ability to see them as individuals and unique human beings is unsurpassed. It has been the greatest honor to have Dr. Poot-Herrera as my professor, mentor and colleague for she has proven to be an outstanding professional, a brilliant intellectual and a compassionate, caring human being and has won respect, love and admiration of her peers, her colleagues and students through the life of dedication and professional excellence.”

For her dedication and exemplary mentorship of graduate students Sara Poot-Herrera is awarded an Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. Congratulations!