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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Distinguished Teaching Award

Andrew Flanagin - Communication

Professor Andrew Flanagin has been on the faculty in the Department of Communication since 1996. According to his department chair, “In his 17 years at UCSB, Professor Flanagin has consistently been among the most highly-regarded, innovative, and effective teachers in our department.”

His record of teaching is very impressive. At the time of nomination, Professor Flanagin had taught 85 courses: 74 undergraduate classes and 11 graduate courses. But most remarkably, he had a teaching assistant for only three of those classes. In his 17 years of teaching at UCSB, Professor Flanagin’s instructor ratings have been ranked as very good and excellent over 97% of the time, a clear indication of his teaching excellence.

His students are extremely generous with their praise, describing his “mind-blowing lectures;” his “unique and innovative teaching style;” his “intelligence and passion for teaching;” and his “inspirational” style. Speaking of a particularly demanding course, one of Professor Flanagin’s students noted: “His teaching has added incredible value to my education.,, he unleashed in me a curiosity about the digital age and a passion for technology.”

Pedagogically, he is an innovator, and he is credited for his efforts to enhance the crucial instruction of students on topics of contemporary communication and information technologies. His department chair notes that “Professor Flanagin has leveraged his interest in technologies to produce some highly novel classroom innovations that meld his research and teaching interests.”

For his dedicated and passionate teaching Professor Andrew Flanagin is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations!