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Prior Year Recipients

2014-15 Distinguished Teaching Award

Linda Adler-Kassner - Writing Program

Linda Adler-Kassner is a Professor of Writing Studies and has been the Director of the Writing Program since 2009. Professor Adler-Kassner is described as “an inspiring teacher who has an immense effect on the student body at UCSB. She mentors graduate students from multiple disciplines and in turn shapes the writing education of every undergraduate student in the school. She does this with a tireless smile and an unwavering commitment.” One of her students describes her as “innovative, driven, and hungry to improve.” And another states that she “approaches her teaching with dedication and enthusiasm, [and] she encourages her students’ confidence and insight…”

Her teaching influences not only the graduate students who learn from her, but also the undergraduates whom those students teach. Given that every single undergraduate on campus will end up taking at least one Writing Program course, the job of Director is an immense responsibility. Linda has taken up this challenge with an energetic and collaborative spirit that has engaged members of the Writing Program as well as others across campus.

Citing Professor Adler-Kassner’s leadership as Director of the Writing Program and her involvement with the WASC Assessment process, the Interim Dean states succinctly, “I feel quite comfortable making the claim that no single person has done more to improve teaching at UCSB than Linda.”

For her dedicated and passionate teaching Professor Linda Adler-Kassner is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations!