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Prior Year Recipients

2014-15 Distinguished Teaching Award

Paul Spickard - History

Professor Paul Spickard has been a member of the faculty in the Department of History since 1999, after serving as Professor and Chair of Asian American Studies. Professor Spickard has an exceptionally strong teaching record at all levels, not only receiving excellent teaching marks for his undergraduate classes but also going above and beyond the call of duty in his graduate teaching load.

Students frequently characterize him as an “amazing and engaging” lecturer and appreciate that he “challenges us to think for ourselves.” In his upper-division courses, students praise his ability to “engage the entire class in discussion” and find the courses “thought provoking,” “eye-opening,” and “relevant.” Evaluations at both the lower- and upper-division levels have hailed Spickard as their favorite professor or the “best history professor” they have had. One student writes, “Not only has he been one of the best lecturers I have ever listened to, one of the best educators who has ever designed a class, perhaps the most altruistic professor I have ever encountered, but he has also been the most caring and giving of mentors.”

Finally, one of his student nominators offers the following assessment: “Some people think that good teachers are the ones who teach you something you didn’t know before. But good teachers are the ones who inspire you to want to learn and educate yourself. Great teachers are the ones who never let you give up on yourself. That is Professor Paul Spickard.”

For his dedication to teaching excellence Professor Paul Spickard is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations!