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Prior Year Recipients

2014-15 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Jeremy H. Chow - English

Jeremy Chow is a PhD candidate in the Department of English. He has served as a Teaching Assistant for four different English literature classes, and he is currently the TA for a fifth class. Jeremy is described as “an accomplished, confident, and clear lecturer… and a skilled teacher.” He also holds his students to very high standards. Although a tough grader, Jeremy gives students a lot of attention and holds them to a quality of thinking and writing. His student evaluations scores are downright superb.

One of Jeremy’s faculty supporters describes the “phenomenon” of Jeremy’s student following: students who are shaping their curriculum through this university according to the classes he is teaching. His nominator writes, “These students are aware of something different that is happening. They are learning in the group and they are learning as individuals. His standards are high; his classes develop as communities of scholars; and he works with each student on an individual level.”

In summary, one of his faculty letters states: “I have taught for quarter of a century and have worked closely with over 300 TAs between my years at Yale and UCSB…. Jeremy Chow is the best teacher I have ever witnessed in the classroom. He is the best… His capacity to integrate and to expand the nascent spark of others into a community that achieves brilliance in 50 minutes seems a miracle to me. This is the only time I have been led to use the word ‘miracle’ in my history of writing letters of praise. What I am calling a miracle here is the presence of a gift that he gives that keeps on giving… We all become better by working with him.”

For his hard work and dedicated teaching Jeremy Chow is awarded an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Congratulations!