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Prior Year Recipients

2014-15 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Keith P. Avery - Computer Science

Keith Avery is a student in the Department of Computer Science Master’s degree program. Keith has been a Teaching Assistant for four quarters for Computer Science 160 (Translation of Programming Languages) and twice for Computer Science 16 (Problem Solving with Computers). One of his faculty supporters writes, “I have taught at UCSB for more than a decade now, and in all the classes I have taught, and with all the TAs I have worked with, there is not a single other student even approaching the level of excellence that Keith brought to his work. Keith’s passion for teaching is absolutely infectious.” And one of his students states, “I was inspired by his teaching methods, and then even more so his character .... His ability to combine difficult lectures with a thorough understanding for a broad range of students further exemplified through his passionate demeanor is truly special.”

Finally, another of his faculty supporters writes, “Keith is very smart, works very hard and is very responsible. He is very unassuming and treats the students with great respect and patience. But the most significant factor in his success as a TA is his love and dedication to teaching. Our department is very lucky to have a TA like him, and most importantly, the students who receive his teaching assistance are very lucky to have a person who is willing to do well beyond what is expected of him in order to help them. In my opinion, Keith deserves any teaching award available for TAs on the UCSB campus. …He is the best TA I have ever worked with and I very much hope that you recognize his excellence, dedication and love for teaching by giving him the UCSB Academic Senate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.”

Keith Avery is awarded an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for his hard work and dedication to excellence in teaching. Congratulations!