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Prior Year Recipients

2014-15 Distinguished Teaching Award

- English

Professor Enda Duffy has been a faculty member in the Department of English since 1993. He is noted for being “one of the most dynamic and versatile teachers in the department,” and makes significant contributions to the departmental curriculum. In particular, he is praised for building a new model for offering large lectures, one that accommodates significantly more students while maintaining consistently high student evaluations for the quality of his instruction. With the support of a $10,000 Instructional Improvement Grant, he worked to craft new teaching media, especially visual and on-line tools related to the study of literary modernism.

One of his former graduate students, who is now an assistant professor of English, offers the following glowing appraisal: “Professor Duffy is the most talented, committed and expert teacher, brilliant intellectual and effective mentor with whom I and the majority of my colleagues have ever had the pleasure to work. I unreservedly commend Professor Duffy as the university’s best model of a highly original and productive humanities scholar, a charismatic yet serious classroom speaker, and an innovative, open-minded pedagogue who has a large and pragmatic repertoire of methods for engaging students in scholarship.”

And an undergraduate senior writes, “I feel there is no other professor more deserving of this award. I have had the pleasure of taking three courses with Professor Duffy since my freshman year, and have left each class inspired and with a new personal zeal for the material. During the time I spent in these courses, I feel I have come to know Professor Duffy’s teaching style quite well, and feel confident in vouching for his outstanding character and ability as a professor.”

For his dedication and excellence in teaching Professor Enda Duffy is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations!