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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Distinguished Teaching Award

Evelyn Reder - Germanic, Slavic & Semitic Studies

Dr. Evelyn Wade has been a lecturer for the Department of Germanic, Slavic, & Semitic Studies since 2005, and she also serves as the director of the German language program which includes responsibility for all first-, second-, and third-year language courses. Her department chair refers to her as the “driving force behind the success of UCSB’s German program” and credits her “stellar instruction” for consistently high enrollments: “She is the instructor the students seek out actively. Her classes are by far the most popular and actually are often over-enrolled.”

One of her graduate student states that “Evelyn brings a passion for her students and the language into every environment, thus contributing to high morale and camaraderie within the German department.” According to one of her teaching assistants, “Any graduate student learning the ropes of language instruction should be so lucky as to have someone like Evelyn in their corner.”

Her undergraduates are effusive with their praise and single her out as an enthusiastic and inspiring instructor. As one undergraduate put it, “Her approach to teaching, her motivation, and her drive clearly helped her stand out from my past and current professors.” Another student echoes these sentiments: “Evelyn Wade is the most effective, enjoyable, and caring teaching that I have had in both my time at UCSB and in my pre-collegiate education.”

For her commitment to excellent teaching Dr. Evelyn Wade is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations!