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Prior Year Recipients

2014-15 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Selvi C. Ersoy - Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

Selvi Ersoy is a PhD candidate in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Since 2011, she has TA’d for several sections each of four different classes in the department, for a total of 18 sections taught. As a head TA, she has also taken on additional responsibilities beyond what is typically expected of a Teaching Assistant, including training other TAs and coordinating the grading process.

Selvi is credited for creating “an enthusiastic teaching environment in sections with a warm smile on her face, loud and strong speech, and interactive teaching methods utilizing discussion and group problem solving techniques.” However, she does much more than that. As one of her students writes, “Selvi can teach. I believe the key to being a successful TA is being able to relay knowledge to students in an effective manner rather than reiterate a lecture, and Selvi does just that through innovate teaching methods, which have been key to my success in all her sections.”

Her professors praise her for what one describes as a “student-first attitude” and another calls her “student-centered mode of teaching.” One of her professors praises Selvi’s teaching of a particularly challenging genetics class in which students often struggle with the course content. For this class, Selvi was described as “an outstanding TA who is willing to make extraordinary efforts to help them learn genetics.” And yet another of her faculty supporters states, “Moreover, her kind, gentle manner results in a superior learning environment which fosters creativity and collaboration which … is critical to student learning.”

For her hard work and excellence in teaching, Selvi Ersoy is awarded an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Congratulations!