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Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Faculty Diversity Award

Diane Fujino - Asian American Studies

Diane Fujino is a Professor in the Department of Asian American Studies. She has served previously as Department Chair as well as Director of the Center for Black Studies Research. Her research examines Japanese and Asian American activist history within an Asian American Radical Tradition as shaped by Black Power and Third World decolonization.

Diane’s “diversity contributions center on community engaged scholarship and transformative social justice work in Asian American, Black, and Latinx communities.” Her wide range of diversity efforts have included co-convening a national Asian American activism symposium, developing an Engaged Scholarship initiative, organizing the Ethnic Studies Now! Santa Barbara Coalition, and serving as a board member of La Casa de la Raza. Diane is engaged with diversity from multiple angles and in many different arenas.

Professor Fujino’s letters of nomination describe her as someone who is “passionate about social justice, deeply committed to equality, and truly believes in the upliftment of the underserved”. She is “tirelessly building bridges among many people-of-color and under-represented communities”. Professor Fujino is truly deserving of the inaugural Academic Senate Faculty Diversity Award for her unparalleled “breadth and depth” of diversity work.

Professor Fujino’s commitment to diversity can be best summed up by one of her nominators: “UCSB is very fortunate to have a faculty member whose research, teaching, and service is not only of the highest caliber but is for the sole purpose of making our world a more just place”.