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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Distinguished Teaching Award

Allison M. Horst - Environmental Science and Management

As lecturer in the Bren School, Dr. Allison Horst is a dedicated teacher who has proven to be an invaluable asset to her department with her innovative teaching. Undaunted by a required course that most other instructors found challenging to teach, she redesigned it by identifying topics that are most relevant to environmental professionals and by relating ideas to practical problem-solving experience. Her passion and dedication combined with her innovative teaching has produced astonishing results in terms of "turning the tide" of student motivation and making "one of the most challenging courses at Bren a success story". In support of this nomination, she received glowing letters of support from students who spoke of her as a "once-in-a-lifetime" teacher and who commended her for her "gift for making even the most complex mathematical concepts not only digestible, but fun". We are pleased to recognize Dr. Horst with a Distinguished Teaching Award for her excellence in teaching and inspiring innovation in teaching.