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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Distinguished Teaching Award

Mireille Miller-Young - Feminist Studies

Mireille Miller-Young is not afraid to address controversial issues into the classroom or even in print. Nonetheless, her teaching on Love, Romance, Gender and Sexuality has been widely popular and captured the changing face of humanity and distilled it into highly successful undergraduate and graduate classes. As an associate professor, she has been a department and campus leader working tirelessly to focus attention on inclusion and equity on campus. Her former students attest to her ongoing commitment to help them as they navigate personal situations and academic careers. One student remarked that she remembers Prof. Miller-Young’s challenge “to create peace, equality, and inclusivity throughout and across all communities that surround us.” For her commitment to fostering inclusivity and challenging social norms through her teaching and research, we are pleased to award Dr. Miller-Young the Distinguished Teaching Award.