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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Olga Faccani - Classics

A doctoral candidate in the Classics department, Olga Faccani teaches her classes with the highest expertise, "infectious enthusiasm," and a "genuine sense of care for the wellbeing of her students." One mentor mentions that Olga works especially "hard to engage students who are from backgrounds which have not exposed them to Classics, and in which, sometimes, they have been taught implicitly or explicitly, that Classics is an elite subject and not for them." All three student nominators comment on how Olga "supported [their] academic achievements in Greek Mythology," which led them to pursue more advanced studies in Latin, Greek, and the Classics. One student particularly remembers the impact on him "when she willingly brought in a photocopy of a page of a manuscript of the Odyssey and let us each hold and read it. Not only did she present the manuscript to us, but she then took the time to explain every line within it, even though the material was complicated and hard to understand."     "Ms. Faccani," another student concludes, "created an environment that was as conducive to greater learning and engagement with material as any I have encountered." On behalf of the UCSB Community and Academic Senate, we are delighted to present Olga Faccani with an Outstanding TA Award.