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Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Distinguished Teaching Award

Dana Mastro - Communication

Dr. Dana Mastro’s teaching and research explore how the media portray and influence topics of race, ethnicity, discrimination, and stereotyping. In her teaching philosophy statement, Professor Mastro reflects on her use of “multiple teaching practices that speak to diverse learning styles including interactive sessions, practical activities, and visual illustrations” to present these topics in the classroom. A former undergraduate student lauded Professor Mastro as “one of the most engaging and intellectually stimulating professors I have had.” In addition to teaching, Professor Mastro is a valued mentor for students at all educational levels. She supervises a truly impressive number of undergraduates through independent study projects and honors contracts. At the graduate level, Professor Mastro has an outstanding record of placing advisees in faculty positions at some of the best programs in the country. A former graduate student who is now an assistant professor at a highly-ranked university summed up the powerful impact of Professor Mastro’s teaching and mentorship by saying: “as a student who comes from a background typically underrepresented at all levels of higher education, I consider myself to be exceptionally fortunate that someone like Dr. Mastro believed in my ability to succeed. A belief that was only outmatched by the immeasurable amount of time she invested over four years to assure that I left UCSB as a well-rounded thinker and educator.” We commend Dr. Mastro for her extraordinary teaching, research, and mentorship with the Distinguished Teaching Award.