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Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Susanne Stemmer - Materials

Professor Stemmer directs an active research group on quantum materials, heterostructures, and advanced structural characterization techniques at UCSB’s Materials department. She is a fellow of the Microscopy Society of America, Materials Research Society, and American Physical Society. In her 16 years at UCSB, Stemmer has chaired 20 PhD committees, served on 22 more, and placed these students at institutions that include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, and the University of Minnesota. Stemmer’s students, former students and colleagues speak unanimously and strongly about her mentoring achievements. Her department chair wrote, “Susanne is known as an advisor who fearlessly takes her students in new directions while instilling confidence in them.” A current student praises her ability to adapt her mentoring approach to different people: “she is able to see what drives someone as a researcher and pushes them in a direction which feeds that drive”.