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Prior Year Recipients

2017-18 Distinguished Teaching Award

Scott P. Price

A lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Scott Price is a dedicated and engaging teacher and mentor both in and outside the classroom. As an instructor who teaches mainly large, introductory-level general chemistry courses, he often encounters students at the beginning of their college careers and it is clear that he has had a lasting impact on many students. His commitment to teaching is readily apparent to his students. As one former student commented, “Dr. Price put meticulous care into his lectures and teaching, and more importantly, did so because he loved it. His engagement with chemistry led to our engagement with chemistry, and I’m still astounded by how diligently I worked in his classes.” In addition to his outstanding teaching, Dr. Price devotes time to advising and mentoring his students even after they are no longer in his classes. One student, who is now in her first year of medical school, describes the profound impact Dr. Price had on her, writing that “he guided me through my educational and career options, and encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed…He is a great role model and I feel so fortunate to have had his support and guidance during my four years at UCSB.” Dr. Price is an exemplary educator, and we are very happy to award him the 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award.