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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Alison R. Reed - English

Alison Reed is a PhD candidate in the Department of English. She began her studies at UCSB after receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College in 2008. She received her Master’s in English in 2011. She has served as a Teaching Assistant for several courses in both English as well as the Department of Black Studies, including: Introduction to African American Literature; Transpacific Literature; Global Humanities: Risk & Media; Women & Representation; American Literature; and Introduction to U.S. Minority Literature.

Her references indicate that she has had a powerful impact on her students. One student comments, “Alison was the driving force behind me deciding to pursue a minor in English. As a science student who was pursuing a BS degree in Biopsychology, English was seen as a strange choice for a minor by advisors and peers alike. Alison helped me understand the limitless potential in having a thorough understanding of English, no matter what your future profession.”

And another student also attests to her skill as an educator: “Alison was truly breathtaking. I had taken several ethnic studies courses that focused on intersectionality prior to taking Introduction to U.S. Minority Literature with Alison, but I was astounded by how much groundbreaking material and perspectives were covered in just that one class – especially considering that it was a lower-division class.”

Her faculty references are equally enthusiastic. She is commended not only for designing and teaching her own courses, but also for organizing the department’s TA training. One faculty member writes, “Alison is gifted and diligent in all of the areas a professorship demands—research, writing, teaching, and mentorship… Alison brings this force of intellect to her classroom in addition to her passion for equality and a tectonic approach to social justice in the world.” And another offers the following summary: “Alison is a true gem, rare and brilliant. She is smart and generous, rigorous and kind, sharp and humble.”

Alison Reed is awarded an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in recognition of her hard work and dedicated teaching. Congratulations!