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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Ram Seshadri - Materials

Professor Ram Seshadri has been on the faculty of the Department of Materials since 1999. He also holds an appointment in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. During his almost 15 years on the faculty at UCSB, Professor Ram Seshadri has a sustained track record of dedication to the teaching and advising of graduate students. Over the past three years alone, Professor Seshadri has served on the graduate committees of 3 Masters students and 50 PhD students, of whom 11 were/are currently supervised by him. He is a passionate advocate for graduate students who inspires them to achieve to the highest levels.

Professor Seshadri is praised for his exceptional record in mentoring graduate students in both his laboratory as well as the greater UCSB community. This focus on the greater scientific community is also evident in Professor Seshadri’s outreach activities, which provide important development opportunities for UCSB students. The end result, according to one of his supporters, is “exposure of his students to a climate which supports a diverse student population and prepares them for critical issues that will be present in whatever career they choose.”

One of his colleagues credits the department’s #1 ranking with “outstanding colleagues who recruit, train, inspire and care about our graduate students,” and states, “At the top of this list is Ram Seshadri, who I use as a role model for how to educate in the broadest sense of the word, graduate students. His passion, enthusiasm, and boundless energy for mentoring are a joy to behold and set a bar that all UCSB faculty can only hope to aspire to.”

Another of his colleagues offers the following summary, “Professor Seshadri is outstanding not just in one or two aspects of graduate student mentorship – he is outstanding across the board in every aspect of student development and education. With his mentorship, students from numerous groups and departments at UCSB have been prepared for careers such as research and teaching as well as non-traditional pathways. Beyond that, Ram has also taught and inspired a generation of UCSB graduate students to be better mentors and to adopt the highest professional and ethical standards. He is a true role model for graduate students and faculty and a real gem that UCSB should cherish and honor.”

For his dedication and exemplary mentorship of graduate students Professor Ram Seshadri is awarded an Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. Congratulations, Professor Seshadri!