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Prior Year Recipients

2013-14 Distinguished Teaching Award

Claudia M. Tyler - College of Creative Studies and Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

Dr. Claudia Tyler has taught and advised in the Biology Major of the College of Creative Studies (CCS) since fall 2004, while also holding a 50% research position in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, & Marine Biology. She has also taught in Environmental Studies and the Bren School and for the Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Development Biology.

According to the Dean of CCS, “Her ongoing research in oak ecology and regeneration has been of great benefit to the students under her tutelage, as she consistently brings the excitement and the challenge of active research to a range of classes, and offers the insights of a researcher who deals with the vagaries of studying natural systems in their element, a perspective that informs her lectures and her field exercises.”

One of her nominators offers the following summary of her qualifications for this award: “Clearly the impact that Claudia Tyler has had upon those students fortunate enough to engage in her classes is phenomenal, on professional, pedagogical and personal levels. She exemplifies the very best ideals of the instruction provided to our students at UC Santa Barbara.”

“To see her bring her passion and wealth of knowledge to the discussion table every day was an absolute inspiration that speaks to her lifetime love of learning and the urgency and vigor with which she brings that learning to her students.”

For her dedication to teaching excellence Claudia Tyler is awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. Congratulations, Dr. Tyler!