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Prior Year Recipients

2016-17 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Ana M. Barba

Students of Chicano and Chicana Studies doctoral candidate Ana Barba repeatedly describe the ways she has affected their academic and personal lives, shaping how they think about themselves and questions of race. One student explains, “I used to be ashamed of being Chicana. This class taught me to be proud of my ancestry and to value all the hard work my people had gone through in order to achieve equality.” Another writes, “Ana has taught me the true meaning of attaining knowledge at this institution and to this day, continues giving me life lessons beyond the classroom that have helped me become a better version of who I want to be.” Her mentors and students frequently mention how effective Ana is in navigating complex and difficult course material, noting how she interweaves historical examples with discussions of the current moment in order to enliven the material for her students. In addition to being a skilled and dedicated teacher, Anna is willing to fight for her students’ rights and needs. Speaking powerfully to Ana’s inspiration as a teacher, one student who wants to pursue graduate work wrote glowingly, “Ana is the woman I see myself becoming one day.” On behalf of the UCSB Community and Academic Senate, we are delighted to present Ana Barba with an Outstanding TA award.