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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2016-17 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Corrie J. Grosse

Sociology doctoral candidate Corrie Grosse has been an exemplary Teaching Assistant who “brings passion, precision, organization, and openness into the classroom”. In her own words, Corrie states, "I seek out new and creative approaches, cases, activities, and materials to enhance student learning, enthusiasm, and capacity for addressing social injustice. I teach so that [...] students can not only interpret the world, but change it." This dedication is echoed by her student recommenders. One writes: "I was never part of a social justice movement until Corrie inspired me to march down Pardall Street in the spirit of raising awareness to all UCSB students regarding our current climate crisis. I learned the value of organizing with like minded individuals to raise awareness." Another notes: "Corrie not only has the professionalism and maturity to excel in life, but her dedication to creating opportunities and support for her students exemplifies her ability to be a leader in teaching." On behalf of the UCSB Community and Academic Senate, we are delighted to present Corrie Grosse with an Outstanding TA award.