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Prior Year Recipients

2016-17 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Nancy Collins - Psychological and Brain Sciences

The 2017 Outstanding Graduate Mentor award is awarded to Nancy L. Collins of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Professor Collins joined the UCSB faculty 18 years ago, and conducts research and teaching aimed at understanding the interface of close relationships, social cognition, and health psychology. Her research explores the social and cognitive processes that shape close relationships in adulthood, and the impact that these processes have on health and well-being across the lifespan. Professor Collins has an outstanding record of mentorship at several levels, undergraduate, graduate, after graduation and to students in many different disciplines. She has supervised 8 doctoral students and served on 73 additional doctoral committees and 8 masters committees. Many student nominators note that she puts in as much effort as a committee member as most faculty do as a dissertation supervisor. It is noteworthy that 15 of these doctoral committees have been in departments outside of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Professor Collins contributes as well to graduate training across campus in her role as Director of the Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences Ph.D. emphasis and as Chair of the Human Subjects Committee. She brings the ethics experience from the Human Subjects Committee into her classes, enriching her teaching. One of her students calls her the “perfect academic role model.” Lastly, her outstanding letters of nomination can best be summarized by the statement: “She is an amazing mentor and colleague to graduate students, and she embodies the qualities this award is designed to recognize.” The UCSB Faculty Senate congratulates Professor Collins a worthy recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Graduate Mentor award. Congratulations!