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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2016-17 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Lauren A. Winczewski

As part of the Psychological and Brain Sciences department, Lauren Winczewski “goes out of her way to prepare creative, original materials,” to ensure all her students are able to engage deeply with the course material. Lauren’s teaching philosophy is grounded in empathy, which allows her to “design and tailor course materials that are well-matched to students’ competencies at different levels of their education” and to be “mindful of students’ diverse needs and interests in the classroom.” Her students note Lauren’s “genuine compassion” and “willingness to go the extra mile” and have consistently rated her among their most effective and helpful TAs. Lauren’s faculty mentors emphasize that she “absolutely shines” in a wide array of courses, including those that are notoriously difficult to teach. This dedication extends beyond course assignments as well; she is known for encouraging students to pursue related interests outside of class and for providing them with extra materials that allow for “self-exploration.” On behalf of the UCSB Community and Academic Senate, we are delighted to present Lauren Winczewski with an Outstanding TA Award.