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Prior Year Recipients

2012-13 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Stephanie A. Robbins - Communication

Stephanie Robbins is a PhD candidate in the Department of Communication. She began her studies at UCSB after receiving her Bachelors degree from Chapman University in 2007. She received her Masters in Communication in 2010. She has served as a Teaching Assistant for several courses in the department, including: Introduction to Communication; Communication Research Methods; Communication Theory, Nonverbal Communication; Interviewing Theory & Practice; and Social Marketing.

Her supporters rave about the great lengths to which she goes as a TA. One of her students writes, “As a teaching assistant, Stephanie was determined to make sure the entire class understood whatever topic we were learning. There were multiple times she created an additional worksheet, game, or alternative way to explain a theory or concept just so we would be able to fully grasp the topic. She also would go out of her way to make sure she fully answered any questions students asked; meeting with faculty members, researching on her own time, or finding other resources to find a full answer.”

One of her professors states simply, “She is the best Teaching Assistant I have ever had in my nearly 20 years as faculty member at three different premier universities.” Another faculty member offers the following assessment of her work: “She not only loves teaching, but cares deeply about her students. This commitment is reflected in all aspects of her work with them: seemingly round the clock availability to them; late nights at the office working on course materials; volunteering for, and then delivering, fascinating and highly useful presentations in lecture; carefully considered assignments that maximize students’ learning (and require them to apply same); meticulous grading of all papers – with extensive comments that aid their learning (reinforced with follow-up sessions during office hours); integration of her own research into instruction; innovative classroom exercises and learning aids; efficient and effective classroom management.”

Finally, a former student of hers who has since graduated states, “Stephanie Robbins was the single most influential teaching assistant/teacher I encountered at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She influenced me in ways that were far more important than just studying for a test.”

Stephanie Robbins is awarded an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in recognition of her hard work and dedicated teaching. Congratulations!