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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2017-18 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Kai R. Wasson - East Asian Languages & Culture

A member of the East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies department, Kai Wasson is repeatedly praised by his nominators for exceeding the typical duties of a TA. One mentor describes how he helped design new materials for a lecture course to better assist students in understanding the materials. She concludes, "Ultimately, the majority of the students performed quite well and wrapped up the quarter with an innovative, self-designed "Zine" project … for which Kai's support was absolutely critical." Students agree. One comments, "With Kai as my T.A, I felt almost immediately that he genuinely cared and had a huge desire to help everyone who asked for his help." That help extended to extra support during the Thomas Fire. Most of all, students praise his ability to help them think critically about their courses. As one student explains, Kai "empowered the students; he would not just answer questions and get it over with. He would ask the students questions, and by providing hints in the form of facts related to the topic, lead them to the answer." On behalf of the UCSB Community and Academic Senate, we are delighted to present Kai Wasson with an Outstanding TA Award.