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Academic Senate Awards

Prior Year Recipients

2018-19 Distinguished Teaching Award

Randalyn F. Browning - Writing Program

For more than 40 years, Randalyn (Randi) Browning has challenged students to do more with writing than they thought or knew that they could. Ms. Browning’s teaching considers literacy development across multiple sites and characteristics that are often held in abeyance from one another. Head and heart, science and art, content and person – Browning draws on and fosters connections between all. This fostering grows out of classes that ask students to challenge themselves, providing carefully structured teaching to guide them along the way. Ms. Browning’s commitment to rigor and support is reflected in her outstanding evaluations and in the lasting relationships she has built with students. As one put it, “my wins are her wins. My successes are the result of her teaching, persistence, her hope, her presence.” For her commitment to a lifetime of working with students to study and practice with writing and for nurturing students as writers, we are pleased to commend Randi Browning with the Distinguished Teaching Award.