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Prior Year Recipients

2017-18 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Zoe S. Welch - Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

As doctoral student in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, Zoe Welch has demonstrated time and again that she is the epitome of the type of person this award is meant for. Not only have her student evaluations been phenomenal over the years, but both faculty and student letters show that she is held in nothing less than the highest respect as a teacher, and as a person. One faculty member went so far as to say: “I would stand on top of a building and read this letter into a bullhorn.” Zoe has demonstrated not only outstanding teaching prowess, but also the desire and ability to go above and beyond to care for her students. Her students sing nothing but praise: “Zoe is the most caring and memorable teacher I have ever had. Her warm, encouraging attitude is apparent in every conversation we have, and I hope that all students are able to have a teacher like her in their lives.” Zoe’s teaching philosophy particularly stands out, opening with the line: “to believe that teaching is mere information transmission is to miss the point entirely.” Clearly, she brings that point to life through the classroom. We are pleased to award her the 2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant award.