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College of Creative Studies (1 - 5)

Section 1: General Provisions

1. Membership and Duties

The membership and duties of the Faculty of the College of Creative Studies are those specified in Divisional Bylaws 40 A &B and 125A .

2. Officers

The chair and secretary of the Executive Committee (see Section 2 below) are chair and secretary of the Faculty.

3. Meetings

  1. Frequency

    The Faculty meets at least once each year, and at the call of the Executive Committee (see Section 2, below). On written petition of five voting members of the Faculty, the Executive Committee must call a meeting. (Am 23 Apr 98)
  2. Quorum

    One-half the voting members of the Faculty constitute a quorum.
  3. Rules of Order

    Questions of order not covered by legislation are governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Section 2: Committees

4. Executive Committee [See Divisional Legislative Ruling 1.93.A, Appendix II]

  1. Membership: The committee consists of the following members:

    1. The Senate chair of each Program in the College;
    2. Two at-large Senate members, elected by the Executive Committee;
    3. The Dean and Associate Dean, who are Senate members, ex officio;
    4. One non-Senate faculty member, non-voting, elected by and from the Continuing Non-Senate faculty of the College. (Am 23 Apr 98; Am 8 Mar 07)
  2. Officers

    From its elected members, the Committee selects a chair and a secretary. (The Dean and Associate Dean may not serve as chair or secretary.)
  3. Replacements

    Vacancies in the elected membership occurring during the term of office are filled by the Committee for the remainder of the unexpired term.
  4. Tenure

    Members serve for two consecutive years, with half the membership changing every year. Members may be re-elected for additional terms.
  5. Votes

    All Senate members of the committee, including the Dean and Associate Dean, have a vote.
  6. Duties

    1. To represent the Faculty in all aspects of the curriculum of the College.
    2. To authorize the Dean, at the Committee's discretion, to administer the Divisional and Senate regulations concerning students, including the regulations governing transfer and scholastic disqualification.
    3. To advise and assist the Dean in the administration of the College.
    4. To appoint all committees of the Faculty not otherwise provided for.

Section 3: Modification of Bylaws


Except for Bylaw 1, any of these Bylaws may be modified by a majority vote of the Senate Faculty, Dean, and Associate Dean of the College in accordance with the procedures prescribed in Divisional Bylaws 195E and 200B. (Am 27 May 04)

Faculty of the College of Creative Studies

  1. Membership: The Faculty consists of:

    1. those members of the Senate specified in Divisional Bylaw 40B.
    2. all Senate members holding salaried or affiliated appointments in the College.
    3. any additional Senate members elected by the Executive Committee.
  2. Duties:

    To govern the College of Creative Studies in accordance with the provisions of Divisional Bylaw 40A.

(AM 27 May 04; AM 01 June 06; AM 8 Mar 07; AM 09 Mar 17)