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College of Engineering (1 - 6)

Section 1: General Provisions

1. Functions

The Faculty of the College of Engineering is a committee of the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate. Subject to the authority of the Graduate Council in graduate matters and to the Committee on General Education over the courses in general education and to the Committee on Undergraduate Courses regarding undergraduate courses of instruction [see Divisional Bylaws 110(B), 105, and 145], the Faculty of the College of Engineering shall be responsible to the Santa Barbara Division for the supervision of the College of Engineering in all such matters of admissions, curricula, and instruction as fall within the jurisdiction of the Division. [See Divisional Bylaw 40(A).]

2. Membership

The membership of the Faculty of the College of Engineering is that specified in Divisional Bylaws 40(B) and 165. Instructors of less than two years' service may not vote. (Divisional Bylaws 5(C) and 240).

3. Officers

  1. Selection

    A chair is appointed annually by the Executive Committee (see Section 2, below).
  2. Duties

    The chair presides at meetings of the Faculty.

4. Meetings

  1. Frequency

    The Faculty meets at least once each year as scheduled by the chair in consultation with the dean. Other meetings may be held at the call of the chair, the Executive Committee (see Section 2, below), or upon written request of a quorum of voting members of the Faculty. (Divisional Bylaw 215, per Bylaw 180).
  2. Quorum

    Fifteen voting members constitute a quorum. (Am 8 Mar 79)

Section 2: Committees

5. Executive Committee

[see Divisional Legislative Ruling 1.93.A, Appendix II]

  1. Membership

    This committee consists of the Dean and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies of the College, both ex officio, who may not serve as chair, and ten elected members, five elected each year for two-year terms, one from each of the five departments, and who are ineligible for immediate re-election. In addition, there is one undergraduate student and one graduate student representative, both non-voting. The undergraduate representative shall consist of the Chair of the Engineering Student Council, and the graduate student representative shall be determined in accordance with a nomination process coordinated by the Associate Dean in consultation with the academic departments. (Am 4 Dec 14)
  2. Officers

    At its first meeting after the last day of each Spring Quarter, the Vice Chair from the previous year automatically becomes Chair, and the Executive Committee elects a new Vice-Chair from among the five members whose two-year terms are just beginning. (Am 10 Feb 12)
  3. Replacements

    If an elected member is unable to complete a term and the vacancy occurs after the annual general election, the Executive Committee shall request the Committee on Committees to appoint a replacement to fill a vacancy until the next general election takes place.
  4. Authority

    The Committee by majority vote (six) represents the Faculty in all aspects of the academic administration of the College. (Am 3 June 93)
  5. Duties

    1. To assist the Dean in the Administration of the College of Engineering.
    2. To exercise such portions of the authority of the Faculty as are specifically delegated to the Committee by the Faculty.
    3. To submit curricular and general policy recommendations to the Faculty.
    4. To make recommendations to the Faculty regarding petitions of students and any other matters referred to the Committee for presentation to the Faculty.
    5. To supplement its membership by co-opting ad hoc consultants, who shall be non-voting members, as may be necessary in the discharge of its duties. Prior to each such action full details shall be reported to the Faculty.
    6. At its discretion, to authorize the Dean of the College of Engineering to administer those regulations of the Academic Senate and the Division which apply to students enrolled in the College; to approve such suspensions of the regulations as he or she deems necessary or equitable in individual cases; to supervise students who are subject to probation or dismissal, and to take appropriate action in the case of each student. The Dean shall report annually to the committee concerning his or her exercise of such authority and this report shall be distributed to the Faculty.

Section 3: Modification of Bylaws


Except for Bylaws 1 and 2, any of these Bylaws may be modified at any meeting of the Faculty in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Divisional Bylaw 190, per Bylaw 180.