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Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

Section 1: General Provisions

1. Functions

The Faculty of the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management is a committee of the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate. Subject to the authority of the Graduate Council in graduate matters, the Faculty shall be responsible to the Santa Barbara Division for the supervision of the Bren School in all such matters of admissions, curricula, and instruction as fall within the jurisdiction of the division. [See Divisional Bylaw 40(A).]

The Bren School and its facilities exist to further and support instruction and research in environmental science and management. This involves the furtherance of knowledge, the education of students, and the transfer of findings to students and the public. The mission of the Bren School is to solve environmental problems. The Bren School develops interdisciplinary solutions to environmental problems, trains environmental leaders, and works for a sustainable future.

2. Membership

The membership of the Faculty of the Bren School is that specified in Divisional Bylaw 40(B).

3. Officers

The Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee serves as the chair of Faculty meetings and represents the Faculty to the Dean and staff (Section 2 describes the election process.)

4. Meetings

  1. Frequency

    The Faculty meets at least once each quarter as scheduled by the Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee. Other meetings may be held at the call of the Dean or Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, or upon written request of a quorum of eligible voting members of the Faculty (Divisional Bylaw 215, per Bylaw 180). Membership rules for meetings, voting, and other participation in Academic Unit governance shall be governed by Senate Bylaw 55 (Departmental Voting Rights), except as noted below.
  2. Quorum

    A quorum of at least one half the eligible ladder faculty must be present at any meeting where a vote is taken. Faculty members not in attendance will be polled by e-mail or telephone if at least one faculty member requests a poll. A poll may be taken either in the absence of a meeting or from a meeting where fewer than a quorum attend. Polled faculty must respond within 72 hours of the request for a vote, or other longer interval as determined by the Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee.
  3. Rules of Order

    Questions of order not covered by legislation are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.
  4. Ballots

    All ballots on appointments, promotions and merit increases will be by secret ballot. A secret ballot on any other issue is required if at least one faculty member requests a secret ballot.
  5. Faculty with Additional Campus Administrative Positions or Joint Appointments

    Bren School Faculty with additional campus administrative positions or joint appointments in other departments participate in Bren School matters as regular Senate Faculty. Votes by these faculty members each count as one, even if their percentage of appointment in the Bren School is less than 100%. Continuing Lecturers may participate in Faculty meetings but they do not vote on Bren School matters although they may be consulted. Visiting Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Affiliated Faculty (those with a 0% appointment in the Bren School), researchers and Unit 18 Lecturers do not participate in Bren School Faculty meetings or vote on Bren School matters, although they may be consulted unofficially.
  6. Voting

    Voting on appointments is open to all Ladder Faculty. The designation of all other voting rights follows Academic Senate Bylaw 55 Sec. B, paragraphs 2-6, without exception.
  7. Emeriti

    Emeriti Faculty are sometimes consulted in critical Bren School issues, but they do not vote. Upon request, they may attend Faculty meetings.
  8. Graduate Student Representatives

    Graduate student representatives will serve on a MESM Dean’s Advisory Council (MESM DAC) consisting of 3 first-year MESM students and 3 second-year MESM students elected by MESM students and PhD Dean’s Advisory Council (PhD DAC) consisting of up to 5 PhD students elected by PhD students and representing each year.

    One second-year MESM student, elected by MESM students, will serve on the MESM Program Committee along with 2 faculty members appointed by the Dean, and staff.

    At least one PhD DAC member, elected by PhD students, will serve on the PhD Program Committee along with 2 faculty members appointed by the Dean, and staff.

    One PhD student representative selected by the chair of the search committee will be invited to serve as a non-voting member on a search committee for a new faculty recruitment.

  9. Minutes

    Minutes of Bren School Faculty meetings are taken by the Assistant to the Dean and posted to the Faculty Wiki. Bren School Faculty, Continuing Lecturers and administrative staff who support Faculty meetings will be granted access to the Faculty Wiki.

Section 2: Committees

1. Faculty Executive Committee

(see Divisional Legislative Ruling 1.93.A, Appendix II)

  1. Membership

    The Faculty Executive Committee consists of four Academic Senate Faculty members, at least one of them tenured, elected at large from among those holding Faculty appointments in the Bren School at greater than 0% and the Bren School Dean (ex officio). In special circumstances, and with concurrence of two-thirds of the voting faculty, membership may be extended for limited periods of time to other members of the Academic Senate at UCSB or other UC campuses.
  2. Officers

    The Faculty Executive Committee selects its Chair from one of its tenured members by a vote of Faculty Executive Committee members.
  3. Tenure

    Members serve for two consecutive years, with half of the membership changing every year. Members may be re-elected for additional terms.
  4. Replacements

    Vacancies in the elected membership occurring during the term of office are filled for the remainder of the vacating member’s term by request of the Faculty Executive Committee. A vacancy is defined as an absence of more than one consecutive academic quarter.
  5. Authority

    The Faculty Executive Committee, by majority vote, represents the Faculty in all aspects of the academic administration of the Bren School.
  6. Duties

    1. To assist the Dean in administration of the Bren School.
    2. To exercise such portions of the authority of the Faculty as are specifically delegated to the Faculty Executive Committee by the Faculty.
    3. To submit curricular and general policy recommendations to the Faculty.
    4. To make recommendations to the Faculty regarding petitions of students and any other matters referred to the Faculty Executive Committee for presentation to the Faculty.
    5. To supplement its membership by seeking ad hoc consultants, who shall be non-voting members, as may be necessary in the discharge of its duties. Prior to each such action, full details shall be reported to the Faculty.
    6. At its direction, to authorize the Dean of the Bren School to administer those regulations of the Academic Senate and the Division that apply to students enrolled in the Bren School; to approve such suspensions of the regulations as deemed necessary or equitable in the individual cases; to supervise students who are subject to probation or dismissal, and to take appropriate action in the case of each student. The Dean shall report annually to the Faculty concerning his or her exercise of such authority.

2. Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee consists of all members of the Bren School Academic Senate Faculty. The Dean will appoint, with advice from the Faculty Executive Committee, a full professor from the Bren School Academic Senate Faculty to serve a two-year term as Chair of the Personnel Committee. The Dean also will appoint, with advice from the Faculty Executive Committee, a Vice Chair to serve with the Chair. The Personnel Committee Chair shall have served previously as a Chair or Vice Chair of the Personnel Committee or shall have equivalent experience. Vacancies of more than one academic quarter in the Chair or Vice Chair positions occurring during the term of office will be filled by appointment by the Bren School Dean. The duties of the Personnel Committee are to oversee all aspects of the academic personnel process for the Bren School, culminating with the composition of the department letters on appointment, merit and promotion cases. Voting on personnel cases follows Academic Senate Bylaw 55, Section B paragraph 2-6, without exception.

3. Standing Committees

At the beginning of the academic year, the Dean, in consultation with the Faculty and senior staff, designates the membership of and appoints a chairperson to each of the standing committees of the Bren School.

Section 3: Modification of Bylaws

Except for Bylaws 1 and 2 in Sec. 1, any of these Bylaws may be modified at any meeting of the Faculty in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Divisional Bylaw 190, per Bylaw 180.

(AM 08 June 17)