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Gevirtz Graduate School of Education (1 - 5)

Section 1: General Provisions

1. Membership and Duties

The membership and duties of the Faculty of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education (GGSE) are those specified in Divisional Bylaws 40 (B) and 145.

2. Officers

The chair of the Executive Committee (see Section 2 below) serves as chair of the Faculty of the School and the vice chair serves as secretary. In the absence of the chair, the secretary (vice chair) presides at meetings of the Faculty.

3. Meetings

  1. Frequency

    The Faculty meets at least once each academic year. At any time during the academic year, the dean or chair may call a meeting. At the written request of five voting members of the Faculty, a meeting must be called by the chair, or by his/her designate in the chair's absence or disability [Divisional Bylaw 170 per Bylaw 315].
  2. Quorum

    A simple majority of voting members constitutes a quorum.

Section 2: Committees

4. Executive Committee

[see Divisional Legislative Ruling 1.93.A, Appendix I]

  1. Membership

    This committee includes:
    1. Seven GGSE Academic Senate voting members elected from three units in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education: Department of Education faculty (3 members); Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (3 members); and Representative from Credential Advising Committee (1 member), with at least one voting member from any of these three units to be associated with Teacher Education Program.
    2. The Dean of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, serving as a non-voting ex-officio member.
    3. In addition, the GGSE Executive Committee must have three non-voting members: two elected student representatives: Department of Education (1 member) and Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (1 member) and an elected representative of the GGSE non-Senate faculty (1 member).
    4. (Am 27 Jan 11; Am 01 Mar 18)
  2. Replacements

    Vacancies in the elected membership occurring during the first term of office are filled by the unit to be represented for the remainder of the unexpired term.
  3. Tenure

    Members serve for two consecutive years, with half the membership changing every year. Members may be re-elected for additional terms.
  4. Officers

    The chair of the Committee serves in that capacity during his or her second year on the Committee, after being elected by majority vote of the Executive Committee as vice-chair at the beginning of the first year of his or her term. The dean is ineligible to serve as chair or vice chair.
  5. Duties

    This committee carries out Faculty Senate business in accordance with the Faculty Senate Bylaws. This committee advises the dean on the responsibilities of administration in the Graduate School and makes recommendations concerning general policy and curricula. In consultation with the Dean of the Graduate School and with the approval of the Executive Committee, the Chair appoints committees not otherwise provided for.

Section 3: Modification of Bylaws


Except for Bylaw 1, any of these Bylaws may be modified at any meeting of the Faculty in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Divisional Bylaw 160 {Modification of Legislation}, per Bylaw 150 {Uniformity of Procedures} (Am 3 June 93; Am 23 Oct 03).