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Procedures for Appeal of Academic Disqualification for Graduate Students

  1. Within 30 days after the date of the notice of academic disqualification, the graduate student may submit a formal written appeal to the Graduate Dean with a corresponding copy to the Chair of the relevant department(s). The student's appeal must cite an appropriate cause for consideration of the appeal and state specific and succinct reasons the student believes the decision should be overturned. The following are examples of "appropriate cause" for an appeal of academic disqualification;

    1. procedural error;
    2. judgments based upon non-academic criteria;
    3. specific mitigating circumstances contributing to performance; or
    4. substantial evidence of remedied performance or progress toward the degree.

    Disagreements over evaluation of academic quality will not be considered an appropriate basis for such appeals.

  2. Within 30 days of receipt of a student's appeal, the Graduate Dean will seek written input from the chair of the relevant department. Based upon the appeal and this information, the Dean may seek to meet with the student. If there is good reason to overturn the disqualification, the student will be allowed to continue on probation until such time as the student meets all standards of scholarship and thus will be returned to good academic standing.
  3. If the Graduate Dean still recommends academic disqualification after step B, the student has 14 days to submit a written request to Graduate Council that Council consider an appeal. The appeal can be based only on the existing record. All relevant information will be forwarded to the Graduate Council, and the Graduate Dean will inform the student that the appeal has been referred to Graduate Council for further review. Within 60 days of the referral from the Dean, Graduate Council will issue a written recommendation that either the Graduate Dean's decision be overturned or that the Dean's decision should stand. Taking Graduate Council's recommendation into consideration, the Graduate Dean will respond to the student in writing by certified mail within 7 days, upholding or overturning academic disqualification. In cases where academic disqualification is overturned, the Graduate Dean may reinstitute probationary status until such time as the student meets all standards of scholarship and can be returned to good academic standing.