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20. Vice Chair/Secretary

Up to two Vice Chairs may be appointed by the Committee on Committees after consultation with the Divisional Chair, one of whom shall be appointed as Vice Chair/Secretary. In the case of appointment of more than one Vice Chair, the Committee on Committees, after consultation with Divisional Chair, shall designate which Vice Chair shall act as Chair in times of the Chair's disability in accordance with Divisional Bylaw 20.B3, and also as Secretary. These designations, as well as any other of the Chair's duties which have been delegated to a specific Vice Chair in accordance with Divisional Bylaws 20.B3 and 20.B2, should be reported to the members of the Division.

  1. Term.

    A Vice Chair/Secretary or Vice Chair shall serve from the date of his/her appointment to the following August 31.
  2. Duties.

    The Vice Chair/Secretary or Vice Chair:
    1. assumes such duties of the Chair as the latter may delegate.
    2. represents the Chair at meetings, including those of the Senate Assembly, whenever the Chair has conflicting obligations.
    3. acts as Chair in times of the Chair's disability.
    4. determines membership of the Division, as provided by Bylaw 5A. (Am 22 Oct 92; Am 30 May 02)