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100. Committee on International Education

  1. Purpose.

    To provide advice and consent on all matters of international education and exchange, including practice that impacts exchange students and scholars.
  2. Membership.

    This committee consists of a Chair and seven members appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Programs serves ex officio. In addition, the Committee has one undergraduate student and one graduate student representative appointed by the Associated Students and the Graduate Students Association, respectively. One member is appointed to the Universitywide Committee on International Education. A representative to UCIE who is not a regular member of the committee shall serve as ex officio member. (Am 22 Apr 99)
  3. Duties.

    The Committee:
    1. advises the Division and the Chancellor on matters concerning:
      1. any international research and/or education program in which UCSB students and/or faculty participate.
      2. the participation of UCSB faculty and/or students in international exchange programs.
      3. the status and welfare of international students and scholars on the UCSB campus.
      4. initiates policy recommendation regarding international education programs and the status and welfare of international students and scholars at UCSB, including policies that will better serve to integrate international education into UCSB academic programs.
    2. acts for the Division with respect to the review of the administrative offices and the appointments of administrators of the various entities offering international programs.
    3. acts for the Division in the review and recommendation for proposed international exchange agreements. If undergraduate or graduate students are involved, the Committee’s decisions are informed by the Undergraduate and Graduate Councils, respectively.

    In carrying out its duties the Committee consults with the Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Director of the Education Abroad Program, other Senate councils and committees, and others the Committee deems appropriate.

(En 30 May 02; Am 10 May 07)