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115. Committee on Rules, Jurisdiction and Elections

  1. Purpose.

    To clarify and interpret Senate legislation and Divisional procedures.
  2. Membership.

    This committee consists of at least three members, appointed by the Committee on Committees, including the Parliamentarian. (Am 22 Apr 99)
  3. Duties.

    The Committee:
    1. exercises formal supervision over all modifications in Divisional legislation proposed by other committees or by members of the Division prior to action by the Faculty Legislature and over all Senate elections.
    2. publishes and edits the Manual of the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate when necessary under the guidance of the Universitywide Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction. [See Senate Bylaw 205B]
    3. makes editorial and conforming non-substantive changes in Divisional legislation.
    4. advises the Faculty Legislature, its officers, committees, and Faculty in all matters of organization, jurisdiction, and interpretation of legislation of the Division and its agencies.
    5. adjudicates any appeal instituted by five members of the Division against an action of a Divisional committee (other than the Committee on Privilege and Tenure in the exercise of its adjudicative functions) alleged to be contrary to the Code of the Academic Senate. In such an action, the findings of the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction must be reported to the Faculty Legislature after both sides have been heard orally or in writing.
    6. issues legislative rules interpreting the Manual of the Academic Senate upon the request of a member of the Division, such rulings to have the status of legislation until modified by legislative or Regental action. Rulings of the Committee in these matters must be published in the Call for the first regular Faculty Legislature meeting next following the Committee's decision, and all rulings of the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction not superseded by Faculty Legislature action, shall appear in Appendix II of the Divisional Manual. [See Divisional Legislative Ruling D1.93.A, paragraph 5, Appendix II] (Am 30 May 02)