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120. Committee on Senate Effectiveness

  1. Purpose.

    To review and improve the overall effectiveness of the Senate in achieving its goals of campus academic excellence and diversity.
  2. Membership.

    The Committee consists of a Chair and at least five (5) members. The members and Chair are appointed by the Committee on Committees in consultation with the Divisional Chair. The Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Council.
  3. Duties.

    The Committee:
    1. develops, validates and applies short and long-term criteria of Senate effectiveness in improving campus academic excellence and diversity.
    2. reviews and assesses annual reports from all Senate councils and standing committees according to these criteria.
    3. reviews how the Senate addresses current issues, especially those that impact multiple councils and committees (e.g., the transition of summer sessions to a regular quarter).
    4. yearly examines the structure, function, and coordination of the various Senate councils and committees in those areas where Senate effectiveness and efficiency might be improved.
    5. periodically institutes a full review of the overall staffing, structure, functions, and coordination of the Senate councils and committees.
    6. provides suggestions for improved Senate effectiveness to the Executive Council. (En 30 May 02)