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50. The Executive Council

  1. Purpose.

    To ensure optimal conditions for the conduct of Senate work; identify and consider issues requiring Senate deliberation; and to act for the Division in certain circumstances.
  2. Membership.

    The Divisional Chair and Vice Chair/Secretary, who are also Chair and Vice Chair of the Executive Council; the chairs of the Councils and the Committees on Senate Effectiveness, and Diversity and Equity, and the three Divisional Representatives to the Assembly. The quorum for the Executive Council is five (5) members.
  3. Duties.

    The Council:
    1. regulates and oversees the work of standing committees of the Senate; requests committees of the Senate to investigate and report to the Executive Council or to the Faculty Legislature on any matter within the Senate’s jurisdiction; refers items to the appropriate councils and committees, including petitions of students.
    2. approves the agenda for Faculty Legislature meetings.
    3. except as provided in Divisional Bylaw 105B 5, acts on appeals of decisions of councils and committees when those decisions are made on behalf of the Division.
    4. acts for the Division on any matter except legislation when the Faculty Legislature is unable to meet within 30 days of a council or committee action requiring approval by the Faculty Legislature. All such actions are subject to ratification at the next Faculty Legislature meeting, and may be appealed to the Faculty Legislature.
    5. approves operating procedures of the various committees and councils of the Senate.
    6. receives and acts on reports from the Committee on Senate Effectiveness.
    7. annually, makes nominations for open positions of Divisional Representatives to the Assembly. (En 30 May 02)