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55. Divisional Representatives to the Senate Assembly

  1. Divisional Representatives are elected by the Division in accordance with Senate Bylaw 105.A.4. More nominations than there are vacancies are made annually by the nomination principals: the Executive Council and the Committee on Committees. No ex officio member of the Assembly may be a Representative. [See Senate Bylaw 105A2]
  2. Alternate Representatives are appointed by the Divisional Chair in consultation with the Committee on Committees to serve when the elected representatives cannot attend. (Am 3 Nov 05)
  3. Duties.

    1. Divisional Representatives to the Assembly represent the Division in all Assembly business and report to the Faculty Legislature regarding the work of the Senate Assembly. (Am 30 May 02)
    2. Divisional Representatives are also members of the Executive Council and voting members of the Faculty Legislature. [See Divisional Bylaw 50B and 45B2, respectively] (Am 3 Nov 05)