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65. Council on Research and Instructional Resources

  1. Purpose.

    To promote an optimal research and educational environment, to manage Senate resources and provide advice in a manner that fosters quality and diversity of research and instructional programs.
  2. Membership.

    Members are selected to ensure appropriate representation of the diversity of research, the apportionment within the faculty legislature, and instructional efforts at Santa Barbara. The Council consists of at least eighteen (18) Senate members. In addition, there is one non-Senate academic representative appointed by the Committee on Committees from each group as follows: lecturers, professional researchers, and librarians. There is one graduate and one undergraduate student representative, appointed by the Graduate Student Association and Associated Students, respectively. Additional student representatives may be appointed to the standing committees. The Council Chair and Vice Chairs are appointed by the Committee on Committees. One member is appointed each to the Universitywide Committees on Research Policy, on Academic Computing and Communications, and on Library and Scholarly Communication. The Chair is a member of the Executive Council.
  3. Organization.

    The Council on Research and Instructional Resources consists of five standing committees, and any number of ad hoc committees. In addition, the Council Chair, in consultation with the membership, shall appoint any number of individuals or ad hoc committees in response to Administrative or joint Administrative/Senate Committee needs, and within the Council’s purview. In so doing, the Chair may consult with the Committee on Committees. Individuals may be appointed from the general Senate membership as necessary. Members so appointed report to the Council. Membership of the standing committees is selected by the Chair. The Chairs of the standing committees are appointed from the Council members by the Council Chair in consultation with the Council Vice Chair. The Council and its standing committees may invite consultants and guests to meetings as deemed appropriate. The standing committees are as follows:
    1. Executive Committee, consisting of the Council Chair, Vice Chair, the subcommittee chairs, and the representatives to systemwide committees, if different;
    2. Committee on Research Policy and Procedures consisting of a Chair and at least five (5) Council members; the Vice Chancellor of Research serves ex-officio;
    3. Committee on Library, Information and Instructional Resources consisting of a Chair and at least five (5) Council members; the University Librarian and Director of Instructional Development serve ex-officio;
    4. Committee on Information Technology, consisting of a Chair and at least five (5) Council members, two of whom are appointed members of the UCSB Information Technology Council; the Chief Information Officer serves ex-officio;
    5. Committee on Faculty Research Grants, co‐chaired by the Council Chair and Vice Chair, and consisting of all Council members and a small number of additional Senate members to be appointed by the Committee on Committees at the request of the co‐chairs. (Am 22 Apr 04; Am 22 Sept 19)
  4. Duties.

    The Council:
    1. formulates a Senate position on all matters pertaining to research, teaching, and information technology in the Division;
    2. determines policy pertaining to research funds allocated to the Council; administers and allocates its funds according to established policy; determines recipients of faculty research grants and recommends the recipients of major instructional improvement/assessment grants;
    3. advises the Chancellor and informs the Division of budgetary need for support of research and research travel and of the development, budgetary needs and management of instruction and information technology for instruction and research in the Division;
    4. makes recommendations on the regularly scheduled reviews of organized research units; reviews and makes recommendations on proposals regarding organized research units;
    5. acts for the Division in all matters of Library policy and administration and advises the Chancellor and the Division accordingly; reviews and makes recommendations concerning the print, electronic, space and growth needs of the Library; participates in administrative reviews of the Library and formulates recommendations to the Chancellor, the Division and the Council on Planning and Budget as appropriate;
    6. participates in reviews of units administering computing and instructional resources and makes recommendations accordingly; maintains liaison with the Office of Information Technology;
    7. maintains liaison with the Universitywide Committees on Information Technology and Telecommunications Policy, Library, and Research Policy; coordinates with the Council on Planning and Budget where annual budgetary and resource allocation issues are concerned. (En 30 May 02; Am 22 Sept 19)