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87. Committee on Admissions, Enrollment and Relations with Schools

  1. Purpose.

    To set standards and criteria for undergraduate admissions and monitor campus efforts to recruit and enroll an excellent and diverse undergraduate student body.
  2. Membership.

    Members are selected to ensure broad representation of the academic departments and colleges that offer undergraduate curricula. The Committee consists of at least eight (8) Senate members with vote, appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Director of Admissions serves ex officio. One undergraduate student representative is appointed by the Associated Students. The Committee on Committees designates the chair and appoints one member to the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools. The Committee may invite consultants and guests to meetings as deemed appropriate.
  3. Organization.

    The Committee on Admissions, Enrollment, and Relations with Schools (CAERS) is a standing committee with one subcommittee, the Athletic-Admissions Review Committee. The Chair of CAERS, in consultation with the membership, shall appoint any number of individuals or ad hoc committees in response to Administrative or joint Administrative/Senate Committee needs, and within the Committee’s purview. In so doing, the Chair may consult with the Committee on Committees. Individuals may be appointed from the general Senate membership as necessary. Members so appointed report to the Committee. The subcommittee is as follows:

    Athletic-Admissions Review Committee (AARC), consisting of at least three (3) Senate members with vote, appointed by the Committee on Committees. At least one member of the AARC shall be chosen from the CAERS membership, and will serve as chair. The Director of Admissions and the Chancellor’s Faculty Athletics Representative serve ex-officio.
  4. Duties.

    The Committee:
    1. ensures compliance with UC admissions policy, develops campus admissions policy and determines criteria for undergraduate admissions.
    2. advises the Division and the administration regarding policy and practices related to admissions, access, enrollment, and relations with schools.
    3. requests the development of and analyzes institutional data needed to fully inform decisions.
    4. maintains liaison with the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools and the Campus Enrollment Committee.
    5. supervises the Athletic-Admissions Review Committee.

(En 17 Oct 13; Am 9 Jan 20)