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90. Committee on Committees

  1. Purpose.

    To appropriately staff Senate councils and committees, and to recommend individuals or slates for other committees as requested.
  2. Membership.

    The committee consists of seven elected members; the chair is a member and is chosen by the committee. Each member is elected for a two-year term and may not be re-elected immediately. The members are elected based on the following academic areas:
    • College of Letters & Science Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences Division and Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management: 2 members
    • College of Letters & Science Social Sciences Division and Gevirtz Graduate School of Education: 2 members
    • College of Letters & Science Humanities and Fine Arts Division and College of Creative Studies: 2 members
    • College of Engineering: 1 member

    Each academic area elects its own representatives on the committee. Either three members or four members are elected each year, on an alternating basis. The chair is a member of the Universitywide Committee on Committees. (Am 2 Jun 05)

  3. Duties.

    The Committee:
    1. appoints the chair, vice chair, and all appointed members of each standing and special council and committee of the Division and the faculty representative to the Executive Committee of the Legislative Council of the Associated Students. At the request of councils and committees, appoints members of ad hoc committees. Chairs of councils’ standing committees shall be appointed in consultation with the respective council chair. Except as otherwise specified in Divisional legislation, this committee, at the request of the committee concerned, determines the number of members appointed to each standing committee of the Division; however, standing committees may be abolished only by amendment of the Divisional Bylaws. To facilitate exchange of information, due consideration shall be given to selecting one member of the Faculty Legislature when assignments are made to major standing committees and special committees. (Am 10 Oct 85)
    2. appoints replacements for officers of the Division, Divisional Representatives in the Assembly of the Senate, and members of the Committee on Committees in case of inability to complete the prescribed term of service. [See also Senate Legislative Ruling U4.71, Appendix II, and Divisional Bylaw 195F]
    3. appoints replacements to other standing and special councils/committees of the Division upon receipt of resignation or whenever the Committee on Committees determines that vacancies exist.
    4. publishes a proposed slate of annual Divisional committee appointments prior to publication of the final slate. The annual slate of appointments shall be published sufficiently early to enable the Senate Committee on Committees to determine Universitywide appointments for the succeeding academic year.
    5. appoints divisional faculty members to fill vacancies in universitywide committees as requested by the Universitywide Committee on Committees.
    6. appoints for deceased members of the Division, and for such other persons as the Chancellor may designate, an ad hoc committee to prepare a suitable memorial for inclusion in the records of the Division.
    7. nominates committees to confer with the Chancellor at his/her request regarding the appointment of local administrative officers.
    8. fills vacancies which arise by default among elected officers and elected committees of a Faculty.
    9. confers with the Chancellor whenever and on such matters as the committee deems appropriate.
    10. names a slate of three Senate members from which the Chair of the Division will appoint an alternate for any Divisional Representative who, for any reason, is unable to attend a meeting of the Senate Assembly. [See Senate Legislative Ruling U4.71, Appendix II]
    11. appoints, for a Committee on Committees or Divisional officer vacancy when no nomination has been received for that vacancy in a regular election. Person(s) so appointed serve for the entire term. (Am 1 Jun 00)
    12. annually, makes nominations for open positions of Divisional Representative(s) to the Assembly.
    13. strives to achieve balance and fair representation of faculty constituencies when making appointments to councils and committees. The Committee shall consider balance among colleges, schools, and among divisions within the College of letters and Science in making appointments, and shall be guided by the Areas defined in Divisional Bylaw 45 C. (Am 30 May 02)