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95. Committee on Diversity and Equity

  1. Purpose.

    To work towards attaining the campus goals of diversity and equity and actively pursue the goals of affirmative action.
  2. Membership.

    The Committee consists of a Chair and at least five (5) members appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Director of Equal Opportunity and the Director of Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance serve as ex-officio members. In addition, there is one non-Senate academic representative, one undergraduate student, and one graduate student representative, appointed by the Committee on Committees, the Associated Students, and the Graduate Students Association, respectively. One Committee member is appointed to the Universitywide Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity by the Committee on Committees. The Chair is a member of the Executive Council.
  3. Duties.

    The Committee promotes campus diversity and equity, ensuring the equal treatment of women, ethnic minorities, individuals of diverse sexual orientations, individuals with disabilities, and other members of the campus community. In meeting this charge, the committee may:
    1. initiate studies on campus diversity and equity, using data collected from all campus sources.
    2. formulate and disseminate recommendations on any matter influencing campus diversity and equity.
    3. address matters involving the hiring, employment, educational, and social circumstances of faculty, staff, and students. (En 8 Apr 76; Am 2 Jun 94) (En 30 May 02; Am 2 Jun 16)