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160. Modification of Legislation

  1. Due Notice and Review.

    Subject to the provisions of Senate Bylaws 310 and 311, and Divisional Bylaw 10C, legislation of the Division may be modified at any meeting of the Faculty Legislature, provided that the proposed modification has been reviewed by the Divisional Committee on Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections, and that written notice has been given at least five calendar days prior to the meeting.
  2. Requisite Majorities.

    Modifications of Divisional Bylaws requires a two- thirds affirmative vote of all voting members present at a meeting of the Faculty Legislature, but Divisional Regulations may be modified with the approval of a majority of the voting members present at such a meeting.
  3. Form of Presentation.

    All proposed legislation presented to the Faculty Legislature shall be accompanied by a statement of the purpose and effect of the proposal, including the text to be modified or adopted.
  4. Effective Date.

    Legislation becomes effective immediately following its approval by the Faculty Legislature, unless reasons for a different effective date have been submitted and accepted. [See Senate Bylaw 312.C4] (Am 22 Apr 99)