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170. Meetings of the Division

  1. Scheduling of Meetings.

    The President of the Senate or Chair of the Division may call a meeting of the Division at any time during the academic year. Upon the written request of ten members of the Division to the Executive Council, a special meeting of the Division must be called by the Chair, or by the Vice Chair/Secretary in the Chair's absence or disability, to consider a request for a referendum on an action of the Senate Assembly or to discuss an announced referendum on an action by said Assembly. Upon the written request of twenty-five (25) members on any other matter, a special meeting must be called by the Chair. [See Senate Bylaw 75B; Divisional Legislative Ruling 4.72, Appendix I]
  2. Emergency Meetings.

    An emergency meeting of the Division may be called by the Chair of the Division or, in the event of his/her absence or disability, by the Vice Chair/Secretary. The Call for such a meeting shall be sent to every member of the Division at least two instructional days before the meeting. The order of business shall be that for special meetings. Legislation is not subject to modification at an emergency meeting.
  3. Due Notice.

    For meetings of the Division or the Faculty Legislature, due notice is five calendar days; for emergency meetings, it is at least two instructional days. However, after a holiday or academic recess, only emergency meetings of a legislative agency may occur before the third day of instruction. (Am 11 Feb 71; Am 22 Apr 99)