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180. Order of Business

The order of business at all meetings of the Division (where applicable) and the Faculty Legislature is governed by the procedures specified below.

  1. Regular Meetings.

    1. Roll Call (Faculty Legislature only)
    2. Minutes
    3. Announcements by the President and the Chancellor
    4. Announcements by the Chair and others
    5. Special Orders
    6. Reports of Special Committees
    7. Reports of Standing Committees and Faculties
    8. Petitions of Students
    9. Unfinished business
    10. University and Faculty Welfare
    11. New Business

      This order of business may be suspended by a vote of two-thirds of the voting members present.

  2. Special Meetings.

    1. Minutes: The reading of the minutes may be omitted with the approval of two-thirds of the voting members present.
    2. The special business of the occasion.
    3. Any other business authorized by unanimous consent of the voting members present.
  3. Special Orders.

    1. Consent Calendar: Items of business deemed non-controversial by the Chair of the Division may be placed under special orders in the Call as a Consent Calendar. [See Bylaw 190A]
    2. Degree Reports: Reports of degrees are a special order at any meeting to which they are presented.
    3. Annual Reports: Annual reports of Standing Committees are a special order for a regular Faculty Legislature meeting.
    4. Memorials: A Memorial transmitted to the Division shall constitute a special order for a regular meeting unless a special meeting is called to consider it.
  4. Authority in Questions of Order.

    Questions of order not covered by legislation are governed by Robert's Rules of Order, or Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, at the option of the agency involved. (Am 11 Feb 71)