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Section 1: Registration (Regs.5-15)

5. (Senate Regulation 540)

Credit toward a University degree may be earned only for work or examinations for which a student has registered. Such registration requires prior approval by the Faculty concerned, but the appropriate Graduate Council may grant exceptions to persons seeking higher degrees. With the approval of the appropriate Faculty, under written petition, a student in good standing who is enrolled in a limited amount of regular class work may undertake certain matriculation or University examinations for advanced standing.

10. (Senate Regulation 542)

  1. No student may enter upon any organized instructional activity until he or she has registered and his/her enrollment has been approved by the appropriate study-list authority. No student may begin or continue a course if the officer of instruction in charge considers him or her unqualified by lack of preparation. Late registration may not be used to justify inadequate performance in a course.
  2. In the Santa Barbara Division an instructor's refusal to permit a student to begin or continue a course may be appealed on grounds that such refusal arises from discrimination on political grounds, or for reasons of race, religion, sex, ethnic origin, or for other arbitrary or personal reasons. The procedure for the initiation of such an appeal is that set forth in Appendix V-A. However, the only final recommendations and decisions to be made by the officers and the committees therein specified shall be to deny or authorize the student's entry into, or continuation in the course concerned. (Am 22 Apr 99)

15. (Senate Regulation 544)

  1. A UC student's home campus must permit a student in good standing to enroll simultaneously in courses offered by the home campus and in course(s) offered by any other UC campus. However, non-home campuses are not obliged to accept enrollment by students from other UC campuses. Each campus may set an upper limit on the total number of non-home campus simultaneous enrollment units or courses its own student may apply toward graduation requirements.
  2. In order to ensure that the units will count toward any requirements, including unit requirements, students in residence at their home campus must inform the home campus in writing before enrolling in a course offered by another UC campus. This may be accomplished by electronic or conventional means, according to the home campus's procedures.
  3. If the student wishes a simultaneous enrollment course taken on a non-home UC campus to satisfy a breadth, major, or other specific requirement (other than unit credit), the student is responsible for determining that an existing formal agreement establishes that the course will satisfy the requirement OR for securing approval, in advance of registering, from the relevant academic unit on the home campus. If these requirements are not met, the home campus may refuse to allow the course to satisfy specific requirements (other than unit requirements). (Resc 13 May 97; En 27 May 99)